We produce some of the highest rated and watched webinars in the UK, applying:

  • Tailored TV-style panel & company announcement formats
  • Professional scripting
  • Full audience-focused editorial input
  • Award-winning production services
  • Expert presenters & moderators


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With our unique combination of production, editorial and live or on demand delivery, we help our clients to make their webinars and events more engaging for any and every audience.

This is at the heart of our service in every area, where the content, and ease of access is fundamental to engagement. No other communications, video or PR company offers this ability to devise and deliver the best broadcast quality content from all types of events and webinars, with prices that pay only the work done for you.

We add the highest quality formats, features, scripting and structures, offer you professional moderators, and our new on demand player gives you full control over the branding, design, additional content & downloads – as well as Google-style analytics on your viewers, what they’re watching, for how long and more.



You can see some of the results via one of our webinar and events clients including Marketforce, who we devised the TV panel-style webinar format for, and have moderated and helped to produce for more than 4 years.

Simply go to www.marketforce.eu.com and click on their webinar page.

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