Greenscreen London works with large clients across a wide range of industries, ranging from banking and insurance to healthcare, entertainment and leisure, PR, to travel and technology.

Developing our clients’ messaging is absolutely fundamental to creating media coverage, exciting corporate content and engaging stories that their customers love. As award winning journalists and corporate communications experts, we focus completely on helping organisations to speak more clearly to their customers, however they need to do it.

Whether working with the biggest banks including Barclays, Santander and Lloyds, healthcare giants such as Glaxo Smithkline, Novartis or the NHS, or consumer brands like Vodafone, Philips or Google, our decades of working directly with consumers means that our honest advice has translated complex corporate messaging into stories that customers have responded to more.

It is also unique for a boutique production house to be trusted to  fine tune and enhance global brands’ messaging. But, this is core to what Greenscreen London has done for the largest organisations in the world for more than a decade.




Sometimes, it takes a nimble, independent approach to message and content development to achieve the results that other, larger communications companies are afraid – or unable – to take.

It works every time, combining your corporate messaging with a customer focus:

  • What do my customers really want me to tell them?
  • More than that, what are the shortest, most concise and impactful key messages that make my messages matter more?
  • How can I humanise my messaging and content, adding perspectives that my audience will appreciate?
  • Why should they come to me to find out more, what am I saying that hits home?
  • What do I want my customers to do after after hearing this story?
  • On a more personal note, what do your messages say about you? Are they clear, human, passionate, fascinating, insightful?

If not, we can help you to refine them in a way that engages the public much more – as we have done hundreds of times for the largest organisations in the world since 2005 – combined with our award-winning end to end media strategy and production services.



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