Our media training successes reach into the thousands of examples.

When the economic crash happened, we were the people behind the most watched and highly regarded commentators including Which?

When the British Red Cross needed to speak to people about their donations years after the Asia tsunami in 2004, we were there to document their work in Indonesia and train their leaders on location, ready for their return to speak to the media in the UK.

And when any company, charity or government department has hit a wall with their standard PR-led approach in the media (often because it wasn’t based in genuine media experience over thousands of stories), they came to us and saw a complete turnaround.

This is why our practical, expertise-driven media and presentation has always – yes, always – worked, in whichever industry has needed our help.

You can read case studies and find out further information in the stories below, and in the page ‘Next Gen Media Training’ – with detailed information on your starting point to improve your presence in the media and online.

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