We are Greenscreen London: a multi-award winning communications agency specialising in the highest quality content including award-winning video, B2B and B2C marketing and content-based brand development.

We also help some of the largest organisations in the world to communicate with clarity and confidence through team training, internal communications and tailored strategy. At the heart of our unique approach is taking the customer eye view of your communications, helping you to better connect and engage with the people you serve and work with.

Here’s Lindley and a little friend to explain how we do it:

In brief, our services span engaging corporate content and marketing from idea to impact, by:

  • Developing strategic ideas and campaigns for global brands (in financial services, energy, consumer and health), and smaller organisations on a budget – always with the audience in mind
  • Personalising our clients’ messaging and storytelling thanks to our many years at the top of the national and international broadcast and print media
  • Offering support services including media and presentation training, based on our many years at the top of national and international news media, to help you speak across you marketing channels, trade, broadcast and online
  • Storyboarding, brand development and customer alignment
  • Create totally bespoke content, including video, webinars, events, infographics, digital content and advertising campaigns.

We can’t wait to help you too.

Have a good look around, and if you’d like to talk through your next big idea, simply say hello@greenscreen.london

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